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Cave of Istállóskő - Szilvásvárad, Hungary
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Pécs, HungaryPécs, Hungary
It is uncertain for how long padlocks have been gathering, but it is certain that in the middle of the ‘80s there were padlocks here already. They can be found in the small street connecting the mosque on Széchenyi Square and the Cathedral where they hang from a practically purposeless ornamental fence. Originally it was the students of the neighbouring secondary school who hung the padlocks of their rooms after their successful school leaving exam. This custom has been taken over by those wh...
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Budapest, HungaryBudapest, Hungary
The current neoclassical style building of the Könyves Kálmán High School of Újpest was built in 1914, designed by Emil Tory and Móric Pogány. During the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 the building was hit by mortar and it suffered severe damage, but for today it is completely restored. Moreover there is an astronomical observatory on the top of the building, it is the so-called Kulin Observatory which was built between 1950-1954 and named after the Hungarian astronomer György Kulin, who was al...
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Vác, HungaryVác, Hungary
The building of the Cathedral of Vác (in Hungarian "Váci Székesegyház") was the decision of Károly Eszterházy, who was the bishop of Vác and later also bishop of Eger town, where today a square and a university college preserve his name. He had the fence which separated the Hungarian and German inhabitants broken down and had the Konstantin Square made which became the site of the planned cathedral.

The cathedral has impressive dimensions: 72 meters long, 34 meters in width and the d...

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Budapest, HungarySzigetvár, HungaryDubrovnik, CroatiaPaks, HungarySzigetvár, HungaryParis, FranceVeresegyház, HungaryBudapest, HungarySalgótarján, HungaryFonyód, HungaryVeszprém, HungarySzarvas, HungaryEplény, HungarySzolnok, HungaryBalatonlelle, HungaryMogyoród, HungaryTriglav National Park, SloveniaVeszprém, Hungary
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